One of the many essentials in life, and yet less talked about is finding comfortable under garments and how such selection matters the most.

Here you will find simple steps to select under garments that will suit you and are perfect for your body.

1.    Right measurement of body:

This is the most important step, as wrong size can cause; etching, stress, hinder blood circulation, loss of time and many more. Therefore, always use measurement guide carefully, below every product. Further, compare such measurement with your best already in use under garments, to find best comfortable with no feel under garment.

2.    Right selection of style

Now a day, under garments are coming with many style options, like for bottoms there are briefs, boxer briefs, Rib boxer shorts, cotton boxer shorts, open elastic and closed elastic. As of tops, you can find Sleeveless, half sleeves, Tank tops, pure cotton, Rib fabric and cotton mix etc.

If you are a bit heavy weight then always prefer cotton or Rib boxers, as these will not got shrinked due to heavy body pressure, movement and cover most areas of thighs. Also for sports and gym routine rib boxer shorts will always be handy and perfect fit for tough routine.

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Boxer briefs, whether in rib or in cotton; will be perfect for lean or teen body structure. Further, briefs always considered cliché with formal suiting.

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3.    Right selection of material

Mostly, you will find polyester cotton mix fabrics.  As 100% cotton provides sense of cool and polyester provides required shape and strength to the fabric. Due to long summer in Pakistan, vests with 95% cotton 5% viscose will provide you best cool comfy feel along with required strength of material for durability.

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