Due to marketing gimmicks, now a days, sales are more of an illusion rather an actual benefits to the customers. Now, you can find round the year sales, but with no actual cash savings.

Therefore, House of Calibre, brought round the year, un- conditional and pocket friendly deals to the customers by introducing bundle pack discounts. Which offers multiple attached benefits, such as:

a.     20% flat discount round the year

We have planned progressive discounts for any order quantity. With increased quantities, customers can avail increased progressive discounts. You can have from basic five percent to plunging twenty percent flat discount with increasing orders.

You can find exciting discounts here

b.    More for less

Customer can calculate his/ her discount value by simply multiplying his required quantity with single unit price. Then can compare with discounted economy pack price. There you can find real more for less bundle packs.

c.     Zero shipping charges country wide

Further, you can have zero shipping for each qualified economy pack. Which is another direct cash saving for your pocket.

d.    Full packaging

Due to packaging constraints, sometime shipper sacrifices products original packaging. But by adding further, in our saver packs, customer can have original packaging with increased quantities.

e.     For retailer and Dealers

Our super saving packs can also be useful for small and remote retailers. There are literally no hustles for your stock updates. Now practically your stock update is one click away.

Further, you can find clearance sale items here