How to find right kind and right style of socks

Socks are the most neglected part of our dressing. But imagine a scenario of you sitting crossed leg in an informal sitting of important businessmen, your socks under from your slim fit short length pants can clearly give them your sense of choice and fashion.

Here find right types and right kinds of socks for your every kind of needs:

1.    Mercerized Formal Dress Socks

For people having sweat problems and  long official wearing, these are the best make for them, as mercerized cotton mainly made of cotton and flax, which improves dye uptake and tear strength, reduces fabric shrinkage, and imparts a silk like luster. For formal wearing, selection most be matching with trouser or simple black.

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2.    Contrast and Brighter Color Semi Formal Socks

One of the old saying “Whether it’s chocolate or socks, the rule is the same; the darker the better.”

However, now they say, “The brighter the contrasting are better.” Recommended wearing specially for informal events and semi- formal sittings with friends and colleagues respectively.

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3.    Low Cut Anklet/ No See Through Semi Formal Dress Socks

In long summers if you feel etching on legs then low cut anklet socks will be best for you. Specially blend make with combed or mercerized cotton. As majority low cut socks available in market are made of heavy polyester or towel fabric, that will create adverse situation for you in summers.

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4.    Universal Rule for selecting Dress Socks

  • At least keep five to six good pairs of socks in your wardrobe.
  • Wear as per occasion and don’t get embarrassed ever again.
  • If you have foot sweat/ smell problem then must change pair after every third day at least.
  • Don’t wear on wet foot.
  • For formal wearing prefer finest combed cotton or mercerized cotton socks.
  • Color selection must be in connection with shoes.